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Monday, October 3, 2016

East Coast Trail Day 9: Newells Point to Patch Brook

September 16, 2016

Distance: 27.15 km (16.87 miles). Cumulative: 287.07 km
Paths: Stiles Cove (10.3/15.1), Biscan Cove (7.3), Whitehorse (7.05/17.5)
Communities: Pouch Cove (1.9), Cape St. Francis (0.6)

It had been a windy night, but I awoke to a beautiful morning.

I continued on the Stiles Cove Path.

There were some impressive waves and nice early morning light on Stiles Cove.

There was a bridge over Half Moon Brook.

There was a waterfall in Stiles Cove.

Another small waterfall

There was lots of dramatic scenery on this path. One of the gulches is even called murdering gulch.

I took some time to appreciate the power of the waves.

Blackhead North

Some of the coves were quite deep.

Shoe Cove Island

The trail descended to Shoe Cove and Shoe Cove Brook.

Shoe Cove Brook

I could start to see Pouch Cove in the distance.

View back to Shoe Cove Island

There were impressive waves near Pouch Cove.

I stopped at a convenience store for some ice cream while walking through Pouch Cove.

I reached the Biscan Cove Path, the last path heading northbound to Cape St. Francis.

On the horizon I could see across Conception Bay and Puffin Island was visible in the distance.

I could hear the fog horn from Cape St. Francis.

A trail sign was barely visible at the top of the cliff.

Soon I was able to enjoy the view from the top.

Biscan Cove

Looking down on Biscan Cove and Cape St. Francis

I reached the end of the Biscan Cove Path and continued on the gravel road to Cape St. Francis.

Biscan Cove

Whitehorse Path Trailhead

There was a lighthouse on the cape but it was gated and locked up.

I joined the Whitehorse Path and took a break on a nearby rock.

Cape St. Francis

Northernmost point on Avalon Peninsula

The Whitehorse and Piccos Ridge Paths have been cut but don't have all the features and construction of the other paths yet. They are not included in the map set yet, but I hiked them without needing to use the gps track on my phone.

I continued on the Whitehorse Path with some dramatic views.

Up on a ridge I could see back to Biscan Cove.

Some places were steep so rope had been tied to trees.

One steep rocky section had chain installed.

There was a big climb around Big Cove North.

Looking south on the east side.

Up on the ridge I could see both sides of the northern end of the peninsula at the same time.

Cripple Cove

The trail was rugged but marked very well with black and white posts.

The path was up higher on the ridge and not as close to the ocean as paths on the east side.

This provided many expansive views.

I could see Bell Island in the distance.

The trail descended down to Patch Brook, one of the few water sources in this area.

Up steam I found a great spot to camp that was soft and level.

Campsite by Patch Brook

It was still early in the evening so I went to explore further down the trail. Maybe I could get a view of the sunset.

Patch Brook

I found a great spot on the ridge with a rock to sit on and enjoy the view.

There were many berries nearby.

The sun began to set over Conception Bay.

It was great to see the sunset over the ocean after watching the sunrise over the ocean earlier in the day.

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