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Sunday, August 21, 2016

HCP Day 2: Tally Bird Creek to Canada Creek Shelter

July 23, 2016

I awoke reasonably early as I had a lengthy hike to the Canada Creek Shelter planned.

A nice morning view from Tally Bird Creek

There was some fresh beaver activity nearby.

The trail went through some ferns.

There were some nice sections of boardwalk.

I came to the Pigeon River again.

There was an impressive bridge over the Pigeon River.

A short distance after crossing the river, I came to the Pine Grove Campground.  I awakened 20+ dogs that were all around the campground.  I also stopped to get some water.

Back on the trail, I came to an overlook of the river.

I found a camper registration card attached to a nearby tree.

There was a short trail down to the river.

I continued with some forested hiking on my way to Dog Lake.

I had thought of getting some water at Dog Lake, but actually there wasn't a nearby water source as the lake was quite dry.

I could barely see some water in the distance.

I came to a few open areas and there were some fresh berries.

I came to a side trail to McLavey Lake and went to get some water.

It was a scenic lake with a structure visible to the west.  It was a hot day so I decided to cool off with a swim.  I watched an eagle soaring overhead.

There wasn't any camping opportunities right at the lake, but there were a few by the trail nearby.

McLavey Lake

I returned to the HCP.  This is the sign that indicates the trail to McLavey Lake.

There was an extended elevated boardwalk.

The trail went over a small stream.

I found some interesting ghost plants that don't contain chlorophyll.

There was another small stream.

The trail went through more ferns.

Then past an old homestead site.

Another small stream crossing

Some recently constructed boardwalk.

More ferns

Someone decided to damage a High Country Pathway sign...

More berries!

I reached the Black River and stopped to get some water.

I took a break under the bridge to get out of the heat.  A canoe went by.  There were many vehicles parked nearby, but I didn't see anyone else.

Back on the trail, I came to  peer built in 1995.

The trail was overgrown in places.

One of the sights along the trail

There were also some fairly expansive views.

After a fairly tiring day, I reached the Canada Creek Shelter. I probably could have continued farther as it wasn't close to being dark yet.

There was a very impressive bridge over Canada Creek.  I believe this was completed quite recently.

A nearby fire ring

Canada Creek

I went for a swim in Canada Creek and the water was refreshingly cool.

I decided to explore across the bridge.  There was a steep hill and I climbed up.

There was a nice view from the top.

Just as I was going to sleep, I heard lots of splashing in the creek.  I decided to go see if there was an animal and I heard a person calling out.  It was a fisherman and he was soon at the shelter.  He told me how he had slept there the night before and was planning to go get drunk and come back to the shelter to sleep.  He asked if I needed anything, but I said I was ok.  He said he didn't want to bother me and probably wouldn't be back but said it was hard to predict what he would do when he was drunk.  After he was gone, I almost decided to leave, but ended up just going to sleep.

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