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Sunday, January 10, 2016

North Country Trail: Warner Creek Pathway to Dobleski Road

Highlights: O'brien's Pond, Jordan River, Deadman's Hill, scenic vistas

Of all the national scenic trails, I have currently hiked the most miles on the North Country Trail, a 4600 mile trail from North Dakota to New York (soon Vermont). Whether it be beautiful segments in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (Border Route TrailKekekabic Trail), along Lake Superior's beautiful shoreline (Superior Hiking TrailPictured Rocks National Lakeshore), or in Michigan's Lower Peninsula (Manistee RiverJordan River Pathway), the NCT has provided exceptional backpacking opportunities.

I will have time to hike a significant portion of trail this summer and coming fall in Michigan's northern Lower Peninsula. Section hiking the NCT's established trail in the Lower Peninsula is becoming a realistic goal.  

I completed this section with two separate day-hikes.

July 25, 2015

I started on the Warner Creek Pathway loop hiking clockwise.

The trail starts out beside M-32.

Then it enters the forest.

The NCT turned left and went across the road.  I stayed on the Warner Creek Pathway.

In places it was overgrown.

Soon I was back on the NCT.  I turned left making my way to the Jordan River Pathway loop.

There was a nice board walk over the beaver dam by O'brien's Pond.

I came to the Jordan River which looked like a stream.

Jordan River

There was a road walk on the Jordan River Road.

Some nice flowers

It was a hot day and the flies were bothersome.

I came to the junction with the Jordan River Pathway Loop.

There was a nice trail register.

I decided to do the short climb to Deadman's Hill.

There was going to be a wedding at the lookout.

I descended back to the trail junction and made my way back to the Jordan River.

Back to the road walk.

Back to the pond.

I reached the junction for the Warner Creek Pathway and continued on the NCT.

Soon I was back at the parking lot.

August 12, 2015

I started at the trailhead for the Warner Creek Pathway.

I found the new NCT trail register.

I crosssed M-32.

The trail went through a logging area.

There were some interesting green mushrooms.

The trail brought me to some open views.

The forest in this area was young and quite dense.

A great view!

 I came to US-131.

I reached Dobleski Road and decided to turn around.

back crossing US-131

I made it back to the big views.

I passed a couple of day-hikers heading the opposite direction.

An interesting mushroom.

Back through the logging area.

Across M-32

The new trail register

There was a nice evening view.

Soon I could see the parking lot and another hike on the NCT was complete.

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