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John Muir Trail: 2011

The John Muir Trail travels 200+ miles from Yosemite National Park to Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States.  The route includes an abundance of spectacular high sierra scenery including 11 mountain passes, numerous lakes, and valleys.  This was my first 100+ mile hike.  My good friends Josh and Austin joined me. Below is Austin's video footage from where he joined us at Vermillion Valley Resort.

Arriving in Yosemite
Day 1: Glacier Point to Illilouette Creek
JMT Day 1: Illilouette Creek to Sunrise Creek
JMT Day 2: Cathedral Pass and Lakes
JMT Day 3: Tuolummne Meadows and Lyell Canyon
JMT Day 4: Donahue Pass
JMT Day 5: Thousand Island and Garnet Lakes
JMT Day 6: PCT detour
JMT Day 7: Devil's Postpile and Red's Meadow
JMT Day 8: Purple Lake and Lake Virginia
JMT Day 9: Silver Pass
JMT Day 10: Vermillion Valley Resort
JMT Day 11: Bear Creek
JMT Day: 12 Seldon Pass
JMT Day 13: Muir Trail Ranch
JMT Day 14: Evolution Lake
JMT Day 15: Muir Pass
JMT Day 16: Golden Staircase and Palisade Lakes
JMT Day 17: Mather Pass
JMT Day 18: Pinchot Pass
JMT Day 19: Rae Lakes, Glenn Pass, and Forester Pass
JMT Day 20: Bighorn Plateau
JMT Day 21: Mount Whitney

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