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Wind River High Route 2015

This was a spectacular route including a significant portion of off-trail travel in one of most beautiful mountain ranges in the continental United States, Wyoming's Wind River Range.  This route was ~80 miles long and included nine significant passes, nearly innumerable high alpine lakes, a glacier crossing, some class 3 travel, and memories for years to come.  I completed this hike with my twin brother Andrew in late August/early September and we experienced ideal weather, melted snow fields, and few bugs.

Day 1: Green River Lakes to Clark Creek
Day 2: Clark Creek to Titcomb Basin
Day 3: Titcomb Basin to Middle Alpine Lake
Day 4: Middle Alpine Lake to stream before Glacier Lake
Day 5: Stream before Glacier Lake to Upper Bonneville Lake
Day 6: Upper Bonneville Lake to Shadow Lake
Day 7: Shadow Lake to Big Sandy Trailhead

Many thanks to Alan Dixon and Don Wilson for designing this route.  A very helpful guide that they have created is available:

*There is some debate whether this is the "actual high route" through the Winds (see Skurka), but being our first time to the range and completing our first extended off-trail route, this route was ideal for the beauty experienced vs. the challenge required.

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