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Monday, October 3, 2016

East Coast Trail Day 10: Patch Brook to Brock's Pond

September 17,  2016

Distance: 19.95 km (12.40 miles). Cumulative: 307.02 km
Paths: Whitehorse (10.45/17.5), Piccos Ridge (9.5/14.5)
Community: Bauline (0.4)

I planned to hike a short distance and spend a final night on the trail as I had hotel reservations the next night.

There were more views of from the Whitehorse Path.

Bell Island

Much of the forest in this area has died.

The trail descended into the forest.

I entered Marine Provincial Park.

I went past a scenic pond.

There was a lot of elevation change on the Whitehorse Path.

Little Herring Cove Pond

The trees were covered in lichen.

There was a side trail to Marine Park access.

I continued to Bauline.

Crow Head Pond


There was a junction with a trail going up Big Hill, but I continued to Bauline.


It was a short walk through Bauline to the Piccos Ridge Trail.

Piccos Ridge Trailhead

The Piccos Ridge Path began with a steep climb.

Looking north

There was a great view from the Black Cliff Saddle.

I reached the top of Black Cliff and there were a lot of dead trees nearby.

Many of the viewpoints were quite windy.

The whole path was an entire viewpoint.

The dramatic and remote scenery on the Whitehorse and Piccos Ridge Paths was some of my favorite on the entire ECT.

A huge cliff!

There were a few fall colors starting to appear.

Ocean Pond

I could see Brock's Pond below.

There was a nice campsite right on the trail near the pond, but I found a better, more secluded one off a small side trail.

It was still quite early in the day, but it would be worth it to spend one more night on the trail.

My Altra Lone Peak 3.0 shoes that were almost brand new at the start of the IAT UltramaTrex were showing signs of wear.

There was a great evening view of Brock's Head.

I went out by Brock's Pond Brook for a great view of the sunset and Bell Island.

I discovered that Brock's Pond Brook becomes a waterfall on the way down to the ocean.

It was a near perfect ending for the last night on the trail.

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