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Friday, September 23, 2016

IATNL UltramaTrex Day 6: Stowbridge Brook to Beaver Pond

September 1, 2016
~16 miles

My dad dropped me off at Cox's Cove the next morning where fisherman Sam Park transported me to the North Arm Hills.

Cox's Cove

View approaching the North Arm Hills

The IATNL is working on a basecamp at Back Cove.  Sam stated that his family has an extensive history fishing in the area going back 100 years.

Sam dropped me off near Stowbridge Brook.

From there it was a steep climb up the North Arm Hills.

There was a great view back across the Bay of Islands. I could even see the same waterfall near the trailhead from the day before.

The route went up the left side of this gulch.

I reached the top and enjoyed the view!

I headed over near Liverpool Gulch.

The terrain began to change and became more grassy and also with some tuckamore..

I had an encounter with the first moose of the hike and it ran away.

As I neared the Tablelands there were many lakes and ponds.

I discovered a pair of caribou resting on a beach.

One of the ponds was Sandy Pond and it drained as the Overfall. I wish I would have had time to explore the area more.

Overfall Hill

I could see some impressive cliffs near Trout River Pond.

I decided to get a closer look and went a little off the route. There was an expansive view.

Cliffs above Trout River Pond and Tablelands

By this time it was evening and there was some nice lighting.

I considered getting closer to Trout River Pond but decided to head over to Beaver Pond and find a place to camp.

Beaver Pond

There weren't many level places near the water so I climbed up a ridge and found a reasonably flat spot with a great view!

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